Project Name: Week of the Bedside table
Client: None
Project giver:Co-Design Studio
Year: 2018 Team: Elena Diepstraten


The week of the bedside table is a concept from the company Fundamentels in colllabration with.. In the week of the bedside table participants are asked to design something that they always wanted to do, but never had the time to do it or just didn't dare. The students from the minor Co-Design Studio are invited to join this week. During the week you work on your indiviual project with support of coaches.

Since the age of 14 I struggled with my complex skin. I always had a bad skin, a lot of outbreak, redness, dry or oily skin. I tried a lot of different products and medicin. Almost none of them worked on the long-term. That’s how my journey started on finding the perfect product.

I realised, because my skin is always changing, just one product wouldn’t fit me. That is how I discoverd D.I.Y. products. Products that you can create yourself at home, with products that fits your skin. I started following beautybloggers, forums and other channels. Also I started trying stuff out. But the only problem that I had is that getting the products is pretty diffucult. Whenever I was trying out a new recipe I had to order from multiple webshop. And then I had to be lucky that I could just order 100 gram, if not then I just had to order 1 kilogram.

And that is what inspired me to start UNIK. A place where you could anything you want, how much you want and how you want it. A place where you can share your story, your recipes and your tip and tricks to help and support orther like you. With UNIK I am creating such a platform for others with skin problems and a passion for D.I.Y. products.