Multimedia Designer With A Crush On UX Design


    Developing the ultimate user experience for your target group, researching your target group and design your perfect fit website.
    Creating new concepts or improving the currents one's.
    Logo's, styleguides, promotion, social media content. Everthing you ask.
    Setting-up co-creation sessions, involving stakeholders in research, ideating and testing.
    Shooting and editing sales, event and company videos.
    Creating a perfect communcation of marketing strategy for your company or event.




Since primary school I have known that design was my thing. The main thing that I focused on while making very first report was how I had to make the report look nice and be pleasurble to read. Ever since that moment I always had an eye on design.

During high school I took all the art classes that were avaible. So when I had to go to college, I searched for a study that fitted my needs and goals. Communication and multimedia design is a big allround program with a lot of diversity. I choosed this because I wanted to experience a lot of different workfields. Now I am in my fourth and last year, and i wouldn't have changed a bit!
2016-2019 Student Communcation and Multimedia Design at University of Applied Science Utrecht
March 2017 Propedeuse Bachelor Communaction and Multimedia design
September 2017 Specialization User Experience Design
February 2018 Intern UI/UX Designer at Acto Informatisering
March 2018 Participant CMD Talentsday
September 2018 Minor Co-Design Studio
November 2018 Participant Week of the bedside table

  • Elena Diepstraten


    During my study I choosed for a specialization user experience design. I developed trought my study a passion for user experience design. After my bachelor I am searching for a master that will going even more in-depth in user experience design.


I am always in for a new challenge. If interested, reach out for the possibilities.